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Re: Wifi troubles: device timeout, init failed

On Sunday 02 May 2004 10:32 am, N.J. Reuvers wrote:

> I have solved my problem with the following error messages:
>  /bsd: wi0: device timeout
>  /bsd: wi0: init failed

> Current Hostname.wi0
> inet media DS11 mediaopt ibss
> !wicontrol wi0 -A 2 -p 6 -t 3 -f 7 -k boguspassword -v 1 -e 1 -n welhaak

Some thoughts...
1.  You contradict yourself in the config? 
3.  Let wi(4) do the WEP rather than the card.
4.  Do you really want shared key auth?

Depending on your opinions on the above, this may be better:

inet nwid welhaak nwkey 0x<key> \
      media autoselect mediaopt hostap
!/sbin/wicontrol \$if -x1 -f7

> Setting -t 3 works for me. Just wanted to let you know.

I'm not sure that setting the link speed to anything except auto makes sense 
anyway, particularly in hostap mode. Changing to software WEP (or not using 
WEP) fixed the 'device timeout' errors for me regardless of link speed.


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