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thinking about AES, VIA and the bad guys

I think a littlebit about AES, the AES-Engine of the VIA CPUs and the
bad bad boys.

I can still remember that someone told me that openBSD use AES but I
can't remember clearly for what (swap oder crypto-hdd with svnd).

Let's think about a littlebit:
What will happen if someone buy not only 1 "VIA-C3-Motherboard"?
He buys 20 oder 50..
And what will happen if he rewrite 'john' a littlebit to play with oBSD
and the AES-Engine?

I think that's a realistic "worst case".
So what's about Twofish? Twofish is faster as Blowfish and also useable for
swap/crypto-userland and even the login or ipSEC.


Am I too paranoid or is such a attach against AES realistic? :-/
I hope there some guys out there with much more know how about cryptography.

And think also about the guys from the nsa (and other) too.
Such organisations could buy tousends of the VIA-Boards and let them run in a cluster.

But what's about Twofish in OpenBSD? :-)