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Re: using spamd-setup without tarpitting

On May 1, 2004, at 4:51 PM, xirkus wrote:

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Is there any apparent advantage of using spamd/spamd-setup via cron
without actually redirecting the packets to spamd? Instead of tarpitting
blacklisted mail relays, you could simply drop the packets to IPs listed
in the <spamd> table with a rule such as the following:

block in quick log on $ExtIf from <spamd> to ($ExtIf) port smtp

I realized that using a tarpit discourages spammers, but if the primary
purpose is to simply protect your mail server, wouldn't the block
directive be more efficient?

Sure, but from what I understand the tarpit is cheap and the goal is to consume spammers' or hijacked machines' CPU.


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