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Re: OpenBSD Bgpd as main bgp router with full-mech ?

* Xavier Beaudouin <kiwi_(_at_)_oav_(_dot_)_net> [2004-04-29 06:10]:
> Now I am asking myself if there is anybody here that allready used bgpd 
> as bgpd for mainstream router for handling all full-mech as a 
> replacement of a Cisco for example...

of course we test wih full-mesh all the time, and have machines getting 
constant full feeds for weekks and weeks and weeks.

I have the release version on one of our core routers; works great, 
sessions are up for weeks and there is no mem leakage.

oh, check the memory use out... idential systems, should-be-indentical 
config, zebra needs 34MB for the zebra process and 84 for the bgpd, 
totalling to 118 MB.
bgpd needs 1 MB for the session engine, 4.8 MB for the parent process, 
and 41 MB for the RDE - makes a total of 56.8 MB. That is less than 
half of what zebra needs.
This is with 3 full-mesh peers.

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