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Re: OpenBSD Bgpd as main bgp router with full-mech ?

Xavier Beaudouin <kiwi_(_at_)_oav_(_dot_)_net> writes:

> Hello there,
> I am very happy with the fact that bgpd is inside OpenBSD 3.5 (and
> also carp and so on)....
> Now I am asking myself if there is anybody here that allready used
> bgpd as bgpd for mainstream router for handling all full-mech as a
> replacement of a Cisco for example...

I'm not, yet, but I'm seriously considering it once I upgrade to 3.5.

I have some questions, however, in case anyone has tried any of this:

- will OpenBSD's bgpd be able to coexist with Zebra (or Quagga) and
  its ospfd, or, more importantly, will Zebra/ospfd be able to coexist
  and cooperate with OpenBSD's bgpd (in the same box)?

- if not, is someone working on an OpenBSD ospf daemon?

- is there a simple way to generate an (OpenBSD, not Zebra) bgpd.conf
  from a RtConfig (IRRtoolset) file?  I have lots and lots of
  prefix-filter lines...



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