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Re: to scrub or not to scrub

so... if you've got no packets that would be blocked by this rule in 
the last two years, why bother?  i understand that past performance is 
not indicative of future results, but i mean, really...

On 28 Apr 2004, at 01:57 pm, Toxa wrote:

> Hello Theo,
> Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 7:52:02 AM, you wrote:
>>> Practically, very-very little percent of normal traffic is fragmented
>>> for any reason.
> TdR> The above is complete bullshit.  Just filing this for the archive 
> readers.
> TdR> I remember the pre-PMTU days.
> Maybe I'm sooo lucky but this is from router which is working for 2+
> years securing small network:
> 01100        0           0 deny log ip from any to any frag
> No packets...
> PF will go to replace this ipfw.
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Toxa                            mailto:postfix_(_at_)_sendmail_(_dot_)_ru

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