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Re: Support for quad ethernet DFE-580TX (not DFE-550TX) on OBSD 3.5

On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 15:53, Carlos L.M. wrote:
> Sorry, i did a mistake. I would like to say DFE-580TX

> --- Simon Dassow <janus_(_at_)_area319_(_dot_)_de> escribió: > On
> Wed, 2004-04-28 at 11:05, Carlos L.M. wrote:
> > >   Some time ago, I have posted a request about the
> > > support of this quad ethernet card for OpenBSD
> > 3.4.
> > > Finally, I have to install a linux distro that
> > > supports this quad ethernet card. My question is:
> > in
> > > OpenBSD 3.5, is supported this quad ethernet ???

I've seen no positive message about this card. Doesn't looks fixed in
cvs either (as far as i see), so i guess there's no new info yet.

I would recommend to buy 2x intel pro 1000 mt dual (each around 130
euro). It's definitive supported and works like a champ here... beside
that you get an inexpensive dual gbit nic, not only 100 mbit.