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Re: Secure FTP

Quoting Chris Alatakis (Alatakis_(_at_)_t-online_(_dot_)_de):
> I want to take the oprtunity and hit one of
> my thoughts here.
> I think that if ssh/sftp in openbsd
> can be in an chroot enviroment like ftpd
> (just change the login config and you are ok)
> this will be a great future. Personaly I think one of the main reasons that
> ftp is still not replaced by sftp are not the clients issue as
> in most popular oses there are free ftp clients that can do sftp conections.
> One of the main reasons is that is a pain in tha ash to configure
> ssh and sftp chrooted.
chroot is a PITA.  Disable the "cd" commands and most users are done.

> I prefer to have my users to send the password and data unencrypted than
> have them fool around with my whole / enviroment.

or use S/Key or a challenge/response device, etc.

On the other hand, an https  connection and uploading or using
several WebDAV tools out there are a bit easier for most
non-technical folks to use.

mom doesn't "get" sftp.