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Re: OpenBSD in the Classroom

Does anybody have the content of the course? It
sound very interesting way to learn about OpenBSD,
and being able to contribute code.

The contributions weren't that significant. IIRC, you'd write a keyboard driver and add a system call that computes an MD5 digest, stuff like that. A good place to learn, but nothing worth contributing in and of itself.

They don't teach it with OpenBSD anymore. They don't seem
to have figured out the new way they want to do it. When I took
that course last year, it was half Java. And the prof (a new one)
couldn't see the race condition when I gave him line numbers
and specifics. I hear they're using some simulated OS called
"Inferno" now.

To summarize, I'm glad this degree isn't the only thing on my

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