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Re: gateway questions

At 07:39 PM 4/23/04, vxla_(_at_)_nxio_(_dot_)_us wrote:

On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 15:18:01 -0400, Frank Bax proclaimed...

> The last version of OpenBSD I worked on was 2.9. Back then, the gateway
> address was kept in /etc/mygate - I created this file, which 3.4 promptly
> renamed to /etc/gateway during boot, but this still doesn't remove the need
> to add default route.
> The long way around to a few short questions:
> Where does the gateway address go in 3.4? Is it still the same in 3.5?
> Why no mention of filename change mygate to gateway in upgrade-minifaq?
> Frank

A wise one once said "RTFM"

$ man 8 netstart
$ man 5 hostname.if

I made some changes to /etc/resolv.conf and the problem went away.

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