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Re: Web/GUI DNS Config?

Wow! I got a lot more response to my mail than I expected here, so let me take a
moment to thank everyone and to respond to some of what's been said.

First of all, I completely agree with the philosophy of "If you're going to
learn something, do it manuall/from the CLI". I personally don't like to mess
with GUIs for a lot of things; I find they introduce unecessary complexity and
sometimes security holes. However, I'd been tasked with finding such a tool at
my job, and I figured that if anyone knew of tools to do this, it'd be the good
folks at misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org_(_dot_)_ :-)

As for the two suggestions that I got -- Sauron and ProBIND -- thank you very
much. It looks like one or both of those will do the trick nicely; I just have
do decide which to go with now. Also, thank you to everyone else who responded
-- like I said in my initial post, I had a feeling I'd get flamed, but everyone
was very kind and pleasant. I appreciate that very much.

Given such excellent feedback, let me close by asking one last follow-up
question: this same boss is looking for something along the same lines to
configure PF. I know that fwbuilder exists, but it's turned into a dependency
hell on our RedHat 8.0 boxes. Does anyone know of any other tools, particularly
web-based ones, for configuring PF, or have any suggestions on how to get
fwbuilder going? Again, keep in mind that I agree this should all be done from
the CLI, I'm just trying to appease my boss. ;-)

Alex Kirk

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