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Re: spammers monitor this list

On Wednesday 21 April 2004 13:51, mark wrote:
> Fergus Wilde wrote:
> >Spammers monitor hotmail.  I have had two accounts on there from which I
> > have never once sent mail nor distributed the address to anyone, and have
> > gradually watched trickles of spam turn to floods.
> Monitor hotmail?  I always assumed spammers pretty much just conducted
> dictionary attacks on a continual basis.
> Hmmm.
> mark

I'm sure that's exactly what they do.  I was more interested in making a 
rhetorical echo of the OP's query, which I'm inclined to regard as 
mischeivous.  But I also wanted to make the point that the presence of spam 
on a hotmail account does not ipso facto mean that a particular list is being 
monitored.  If all the spammers were to be on fire together in a field and I 
had the means of extinguishing the flames I doubt I would find it in me to do 

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