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Re: [OT] Sendmail and SASL

or follow the howto i wrote, works with everything i've tried...

On 21 Apr 2004, at 05:52 am, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> Quoting Ingolf Schuchardt (ingolf_(_at_)_neo_(_dot_)_magdeburg_(_dot_)_de):
>> i setup a SASL smtprelay with sendmail (openbsd 3.4):
>>     $ sendmail -d0.1 -rv root
> ...
>>     $ grep TrustAuth sendmail.cf
>> ...
>> the mozilla mailclient do send mail via cram-md5 over the mailrelay
>> but, some outlook-versions don't work ... how to fix ?
> Way offtopic.  Esp when news:comp.mail.sendmail is filled
> with people who have dealt with this lots before and will answer
> it.
> The correct answer here?  cd /usr/ports/mail/$YourNewMUA ;make
> Or use Mozilla/thunderbird.  Or Eudora.  Or pcpine. Or many other
> clients that aren't as enthusiatically broken as Outlook.
> And replace the outlook icon with something that triggers flashing
> lights and monkey screams to come from the speakers just to keep
> Outlook users off of our network where their infections attack us.

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