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Re: Version 3.5 and patches

On 20 Apr 2004, at 04:21 pm, Carl Libra wrote:

> Hi,
> Im new to OpenBSD coming from NetBSD and have two questions.
> * Can I already install version 3.5 as it's not on the FTP servers jet.
> * How can I track patches automaticly (NetBSD uses a audit package 
> which sends an email when it finds a threat)

i wrote a quick-and-dirty `patchcheck` script 
<http://www.dorkzilla.org/~dlg/scripts/patchcheck> ... it assumes 
you've put applied patches in /usr/patches, and will email you if 
there's any new ones.  i've got it running nightly on all my openbsd 
servers, and it seems to work reliably.

> Thanks,
> Carl

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