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Netra T1 105


I am installing OpenBSD-3.5 [sparc64] on a SUN Netra T1 105. I get to the network setup, and it asks for the device. I have the cat5 in 'Net 0' and chose hme0 for the interface. When i do so, mediatype comes up as autoselect instead of 100BaseTX full-duplex, so i unplug it because it obviously didnt detect it, reran it with the network in 'Net 1' and it did same thing, so I unplugged it and placed it in 'Net 0', reran, and it said hme1 was 100BaseTX full-duplex, but the cat5 was plugged into Net 0. Basically, its backwards (thought perhaps OpenBSD has the mappings for hme* and net* swapped?), so i just moved on, added the route and it just hangs, so obviously something is borked. Anyone ever come across this?

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