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quad nic suggestions?

Hi misc@,

I'm looking for suggestions for a decent 4-port PCI nic for use with
OpenBSD on i386.  My vendor has DLink DFE-580TXs in stock but is happy
to order whatever I ask for.  The DLink isn't explicitly listed on the
supported hardware page so I figured I better ask here before buying

My requirements are:
  - 4 x 10/100 ports
  - 802.1q support in the OpenBSD driver but *not* on-chip (I want bpf
    to be able to see the VLAN IDs)
  - link aggregation (aka port trunking) desireable but not necessary
    (I've no idea if obsd even support this, though)

I'm sure there are many OBSD boxen out there with diverse quad cards
being used in various roles but I'm not sure how narrow the field gets
with my 802.1q requirement.

Any suggestions?