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Re: Rebuild Requirements

Quoting Roy Morris (rmorris_(_at_)_internetsecure_(_dot_)_com):
> In a previous email I was telling you I had a few Sparc 5, 20 machines. I was
> able to install 3.4 on all with no issues. I tried over the weekend to rebuild
> the kernel/binaries and found I don't have enough space using the full src off
> the cd. Is there some way to only get the Sparc & shared source from CVS?
> I don't have another machine to build it on or more hard drive space.

I picked up some 4G disks with drive sleds for around $30 a while ago.
But a 1G drive will hold the OS and a full src and build area for SPARC.

Granted, I don't have X11 on it.

At one point, I had a RAID box that did around 70MB/s (real us,
not dd use) attached and built at, basically, RAMDisk speed.  And
it showed just how painful the 70MHz chip was.  (It built a kernel
about as fast as an Athlon 2400 built a whole OS).

I've bought a *little* room by removing ports and /usr/share/man/,
but man pages (1) come back and (2) aren't THAT huge.

Building over NFS is doable (for the patient - a 100mb link helps
over the default 10mb card in those).  I keep obj/ local and mount
src/ over NFS.

How do you have the system setup without enough room?  424MB drive?
enormous root and swap and no /usr|/home space?

pony up a "df -h" for us.