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Re: File Copying

Quoting Dave Sorg (david_sorg_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com):
> I'd like to copy some large files from my Windows PC to my OpenBSD PC. The 
> files are too big to fit onto a CD.

And you've never moved data from one to the other before?

> Is there any program that can be used 
> in Windows and OpenBSD to split/merge the files or is there an easy way to 
> transfer via an ethernet to ethernet connection?

In order of ease...

ftp or scp

pull down cygwin (a must for every windows box) and you
get the usual unix commands including
 split  (rejoin with 'cat')

You can mount NFS or SMB (either direction) and just copy.

You can build and install apache for windows, serve the file and
use curl or wget from unix.

You can learn and install WebDAV tools and UPLOAD from your windows

You can "Upload" from your browser with a happy little cgi program to
catch the upload.

Two serial ports and Kermit or zmodem...

You can hire 5000 $3rdWorld typists for brutally low wages to retype it
on your unix box.

Fax it + OCR
giant email!