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Re: Sparc 5 Install

Quoting Roy Morris (rmorris_(_at_)_internetsecure_(_dot_)_com):
> Just wanted to drop a note to say how impressed I was by the ease of
> installation on an old Sparc 5 machine. I was given two Sparc 5's and a 20,
> fired in a floppy and 'boot floppy' and ran through the ftp install. Worked
> like a charm!

Wow, those floppy drives NEVER work.  Even new, they were iffy.
I just keep a netboot around -- or use a CD, but netboot is always
there for when a little experiment with, say, libc goes deeply

> I have done lots of installs on i386, but never on a machine this old before.
> I have no idea what to actually do with these boxes, but what the heck!

Put serial cables on the consoles, run "real" unix workstations
and be glad they aren't the SPARC 1+ I'm now tempted to ship you.