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pty device minor numbers changed in -current

For people tracking -current (this is post-3.5 stuff).
This is also in http://www.openbsd.org/faq/upgrade-minifaq.html#3.5.1

The device minor numbers of pty devices have changed to increase
the maximum number of pseudo-terminals from 256 to 992, so you will
need to run the updated /dev/MAKEDEV before booting the new kernel:

 o Update your source code tree 
 o Build and install a new kernel 
 o Build the rest of the system (make build) 
 o Copy the new MAKEDEV script to the dev directory and create the new
   pty devices. 

	# cp /usr/src/etc/etc.`machine`/MAKEDEV /dev
	# cd /dev && ./MAKEDEV pty0

 o Boot the new kernel 
 o Remove the old pty devices no longer in use: 

	# cd /dev && rm -f [pt]ty[rq]*

Or, for the vax platform: 

	# cd /dev && rm -f [pt]tyr*

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