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Re: could you tell me...

Quoting nathan owens (lestat_(_at_)_farmerstel_(_dot_)_com):
> Could you tell me if OpenBSD 3.4 can be a good desktop, i expect a 
> desktop and have java support so i can use java apps and chat

You'll likely have issues with Java.  On x86, you might be
able to use the Linux (or FreeBSD?) Java binaries.  Realistically,
I don't find a lot of *need* that can't be worked around for

But here's a thought.  Install it, set it up.  Run it.
Happy?  Then fine.  Not?  THen you know a bunch more than
you did before.

Did you expect people to write in and say: "No, it's only
for use as a server?"   A quick glance at (recent) archives
shows discussions of people using it as a desktop.

| "nobody needs java"
- Right, and my horses are fine, I don't need no loud and
  smelly "gasoline" engine to get around.
- We've lived without 'lectricity for thousands of years.
  Why would I want to pay to get what I get from my lanterns
  and gas lights.  They say it leaks into the air too.
- Hauling water from the well make you strong.
- They say that using hot water all the time makes your humors go
  out of balance.
- "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." (-KO)
- "All generalizations are false" - rousseau

While Java is not as essential to our modern lives as gas powered
engines, it is an exceedingly powerful tool depending on what you're

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