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PPP: MPPE without CHAP81 (MSCHAPv2) not possible?

This is a follow up to my post earlier today.

I guess the OpenBSD pppd doesn't support MPPE encryption (even if I managed
to resolve the CHAP auth problems mentioned in my previous post, MPPE would
be a show-stopper).

So, I tried ppp. I got the basic setup working, including CHAP auth. The
problem now is that MPPE is not supported unless CHAP81 is used. Weirdly
enough, the VPN server (not under my control) refuses to use CHAP81 (if I
"enable chap81" in ppp.conf, all I get is a bunch of RecvConfigRej). And
the server insists on MPPE. A WinXP box has no problem with these
requirements, but ppp does.

Any way to get MPPE (40 or 128 bits) with only CHAP80 (and not MSCHAPv2)?
The mppe.c code under /usr/src/usr.sbin/ppp/ppp makes it clear that this
won't work (and hacking it only gives me coredumps), so I am looking for
workarounds or patches.


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