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graphics/p5-PerlMagick on recent OpenBSD versions.

Does anyone else use this port?  On both 3.4-stable/i386 and
3.5-current/i386, I don't seem to be able to write files with it (test
script and output follow).

The test script shows an attempt to write to a png, but the same error
occurs when writing to a jpg, and also when writing to an open filehandle
with the \*FILE construct.

If anyone has better luck, I'd appreciate hearing what mojo this takes.

Thanks in advance.


odin_(_at_)_akbar:p1[~]$ cat doit.pl 
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Image::Magick;

my $image = Image::Magick->new;
$x = $image->Read("jpg:orig.jpg");
warn "$x" if $x;
$x = $image->Write("png:out150.png");
warn "$x" if $x;

odin_(_at_)_akbar:p1[~]$ ./doit.pl 
libpng-1.2.5 error: Write Exception
Warning 325: An error has occurred writing to file (out150.png) at ./doit.pl line 8.

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