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obsd sweat shirts (was Re: obsd tee-shirts a suggestion)

While spring is supposedly here, or so the calendar tells me, I still 
wear a sweat shirt almost everyday.  The obsd project sells CDs and 
t-shirts, but no sweat shirts, that I could find.  Anyone else 
interested in having a sweat shirt or two touting obsd?  How about a 
good button down as well?   Now and again I do have to visit customers 
and dress accordingly.  :)

If you're interested send me an email off list.


On Apr 6, 2004, at 5:36 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:

> Just a suggestion to any tee-shirt makers out there.  You would
> attract us oldsters if you include a model with pocket.  Most of us
> over 50/60 need to have our `cheaters' near at hand.
> I suppose there are a few diehard smokers who would appreciate it too.

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