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Re: OpenBSD Printing: Where to begin? (Lex/IBM 4039 Parallel)

On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 11:21:38AM +0200, Raymond Morsman wrote:
> Quoting dmartini_(_at_)_uni-hohenheim_(_dot_)_de:
> > Most UNIX applications put out PostScript, so no need for a  
> > special driver. For network printing from Windows, you 
> > need a PostScript driver on the windows machine and a means 
> > of transferring printjobs to your OpenBSD box (Win2000 and 
> > up has lpr, for NT it's an install option, or, like you plan 
> > to do: use samba). 
> Wouldn't it be just easier to install CUPS, install the right PPD file (from
> Foomatic) and install the Windows CUPS driver on the workstations that need to
> print to this server?

I use CUPS, but I wouldn't if I had a printer that understood
Postscript, or if I didn't need to constantly change resolutions,
or if I had users that could use 'lpr -P{lores-bw,hires-clr,...}'

CUPS is more complex than lpd.