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Re: Can't connect to news server from OBSD

Greg Thomas <getbsd_(_at_)_dslextreme_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
Sounds like a basic networking problem but since you didn't mention if
you've done anything other than telnet and tcpdump it's hard to tell. 
Starting from a lower level, i.e., ping to an ip address, then moving on
up the stack is the way I go. Since you use tcpdump you may have done all
this but we don't know that.

Are your /etc/mygate and /etc/resolv.conf correct?


Thanks for your response! And forgive the short description. Here's what I've done:

I can ping the news server (and everything else that I care to try). 

I've used traceroute, and after discovering the -P ICMP flag, I was able to trace all the way to the server. Traceroute using UDP doesn't return anything.

/etc/mygate is set to the address of my Linksys router when I'm connected to it, or to the address of my ISP's router when I'm not connected to it. This I got from their documentation.

resolv.conf is set to include my ISP's nameservers, which, again, I got from their docs. I can resolve any name I choose. Using an IP address makes no difference.

>From OBSD I can issue SMTP, HTTP, FTP, and DNS requests without any trouble. I only have an issue when trying to get to their news server.

There's nothing on my end that I can think of that would prevent me from issuing NNTP requests, especially since everything else seems to work, and so I'm at a loss.

Any ideas on what else I could try would be appreciated. Thanks again for the help!!!

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