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Re: OT: Connecting TWO homes

Chuck Yerkes wrote:
Quoting STeve Andre' (andres_(_at_)_msu_(_dot_)_edu):

I and a friend would like to setup a VPN betweem our OBSD BOX.

Well, no. You want to set up a PN, nothing virtual about it.

Our desire is to use two DSL modem for this purpose. The problem is that
i don't want the Telephony company to be aware about this, because if
so, they won't allow it for a very expensive charge.

Fine.  An alarm pair is what's needed.  I have met a couple folks
in Vt. who have this between their houses - one house has access
to a wireless network, the other is over the hill and can't...
Being enterprising, they identified a pair that was not in use,
found the punchdown and tagged it as an alarm pair.  Been there
for a while.

interesting you can do this...

what would you set the dsl modems up like? just like a *fairly* dumb bridge between the two networks and it'll work?