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Re: BBS Software

Anyone here run a BBS off of OpenBSD, I was just wondering because a few of my friends expressed an interest in screwing around on one and im not sure what kind of BBS stuff there is for OpenBSD. Any suggestions for what BBS to use or a better place to look would be welcome.

i've been playing with the same idea a bit. i setup daydream, which went just fine with following the instructions. admittedly, i haven't had a lot of time to put into configuration and customization, but so far, i'm not overly impressed with it. again, i may be missing what's there due to a quick glossing over, but (much as i hate to say it), the DOS boardwares i've used before have been a lot more engaging out of the box, so to speak.

i'd check out demonic.net for general board info, and their links page contains links to a few *nix based board softwares.

i'm considering actually running one of the DOS boards under dosemu or under vmware, on OpenBSD or some other unix variant. My only OpenBSD install is on a sparc64 right now, so no dosemu for me.

I do have an x86 box running gentoo that i may try it out on. in any event, if you find any good solutions, please let us know.

psi0nik || psi.y0ru.net