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Root Password Too Long For GUI Login

Hi. I recently set xdm to start automatically at
startup. (I was pleased to discover that the password
didn't echo even with a graphical login.) However, I
can't login as root, and because when I tried to type
my password into the username box I ran out of space
two characters short of the end of my password, I
think its because my password is too long.

None of the other usernames are part of group wheel,
so I can't use them to change the root password to
something shorter. Also, none of them have permissions
to change the /etc/rc.conf file so that xdm doesn't
start automatically.

I tried restarting the system and booting into single
user mode by typing "-s" when the system said ">boot",
but that neither echoed nor worked, so I assume I did
it wrong.

So, I need to boot into single user mode, switch to a
shell login after the GUI one had come up, re-install
OpenBSD, or somehow crack into my own system. Of
those, the only one that I know how to do is the 3rd,
but I'd really rather not have to resort to that.

Additional info: I have an i386 machine that runs
OpenBSD 3.4, and I used the xf86cfg command (as
opposed to the XF86Setup command) to configure


Thanks in advance!

P.S. After this problem is over, is there any way I
could change some setting so that I can type a longer
password into the GUI login screen?

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