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Re: OpenBSD/ia64 call for hardware

> As you might know, Intel is about to release amd64-compatible
> processors, under the "ia32e" buzzword.
> However, their design sadly lacks a per-page execute bit, which is quite
> a step backwards, securitywise, as it prevents strict memory access
> rights enforcement.

While it has no relevance to supporting Itanic, I just saw this claim that Intel will be adding per-page execute permission to IA32e. Quoting Bill Gates, who is talking about XP SP2 having support for W^X (he doesn't use that name for it of course).

Excerpted from "Security is our 'biggest ever challenge' - Gates"

"Buffer overflow slaying
Most significant off all in the longer terms is revamped memory protection to prevent buffer overruns, the perennial source of so many security problems. AMD already supports this technology with a range of its chips and Intel is also committed to introducing support in microprocessors due out from autumn this year onwards. "

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