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Re: [semi-OT] Problem with whatis (or spamassassin)

Andrea Riela (ml_(_at_)_nesys_(_dot_)_it) wrote:

> Couldn't find subject in old manpage /usr/local/man/man1/spamc.1 Unknown
> manpage type /usr/local/man/man1/spamc.1
> ...

I get this too.  It started when I upgraded spamassassin from 2.53 to
2.60.  Apparently the file in question is not in a format that OpenBSD's
whatis(1) can understand.  In fact, "nroff -man .../spamc.1 | less"
doesn't work either, so nroff(1) doesn't grok it either.

If I copy the file to a Debian unstable system and run "nroff -man
spamc.1" there, it's able to read it just well enough to produce the
header line and the footer line -- but the actual contents are missing.

I haven't investigated beyond that.  My impression is that this file is
defective in some way, which makes it a spamassassin bug, not an OpenBSD

(Note: my OpenBSD version is 3.3, not 3.4.)

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