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Re: obsd3.2 and ibm aptiva

Hi Nick,

i already burned a new bootable CD with CD1:3.4/i386/floppy34.fs (and
this one worked for test in vmware). But the IBM box won't boot from it.
i'll try to get a bios update as next step.

thanks so far! :)

Am Di, 2003-12-30 um 01.43 schrieb Nick Holland:
> "gargarmel_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_net" wrote:
> > 
> > sorry. i picked wrong CD-Set.
> > now tried with (bought) 3.4 and it's still the same effect..
> > 
> > Am Mo, 2003-12-29 um 22.24 schrieb gargarmel_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_net:
> > > hi there!
> > >
> > > i just wanted to build up an aptiva (2140/2142) as server running
> > > openBSD 3.2.
> > > before i got the machine i tested it successfully with knoppix and was
> > > optimistically that it should be running under obsd, too.
> > >
> > > but it just stops at a blinking cursor (booting from CD1).
> > >
> > > any idea what i could try?
> > > regards, gargarmel.
> A couple people have reported, and I have also seen, that *some* IBMs
> don't boot off the OpenBSD CDROMs.  A reasonable sounding explaination
> I have heard is they don't like the 2.88M floppy image that is used to
> create the OpenBSD bootable CDs.
> 2.88MB floppy disk image.  I have no proof that this is the the
> explaination (guess it would be pretty easy to demonstrate with a
> couple CDRs), but it gets a prize for plausability.
> 1) Creating an OpenBSD boot floppy will work, no problem.  Then, the
> install can be done from the CD.
> 2) A BIOS update *could* work.  Seems kinda strange to me that IBM,
> the first and one of the few companies to ship 2.88M floppy disk
> drives wouldn't boot from a 2.88M FD image on a CD intentionally, so I
> can imagine they might fix the problem.  If you persue this approach,
> I would like to hear the outcome of it (either way).  The boot floppy
> is easy and works fine, though.
> Nick.