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perl is broken (solution)

I think something strange must be happening. I was able to successfully
build perl manually on i386, but when I look at my sparc64 perl tree
and my i386 perl tree, I see a difference in config.h. As I mentioned

In file included from perl.h:37,
                 from miniperlmain.c:27:
config.h:2285: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:2315: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:2343: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:2548: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:2626: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:2672: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:2700: undefined or invalid # directive
config.h:3321: undefined or invalid # directive
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/perl (line 200 of Makefile).

I went and had a look at config.h this morning, and I see:

   2281 /* HAS_AINTL:
   2282  *      This symbol, if defined, indicates that the aintl routine is
   2283  *      available.  If copysignl is also present we can emulate modfl.
   2284  */
   2285 # HAS_AINTL             /**/

Obviously, this is broken. It's the same situation for the rest of
those lines.  Now, the machine in question is not allowed to ssh out to
the rest of the world, so the src tree it has was recursively scp'd
from the i386 machine, which just successfully built the tree. How on
earth is it possible that the two trees, which should be identical,
have this difference in config.h?

Can anyone shed light on this?


Alex J. Avriette, Unix Systems Gladiator
"v shpxvat ungr jvaqbjf naq v ubcr ovyy tngrf oheaf va uryy." - Ronald O. Thompson, "13"

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