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Re: USB Mass Storage

On Sunday 28 December 2003 03:54 pm, Dave Feustel wrote:
> Disklabel returns 'Device not configured' no matter what device name I use
> (sd[0-4]).
> Dave

Dave, I think you might be missing something here.  Think of
the usb stick as a little disk which you need to 1) fdisk, 2)
disklabel, 3) format.  

Just sticking the stick in should give you messages on the console
about the attach.  Once you have that you need to do the three
above things to it, just as if it were a disk.

To put an msdos filesystem on it, you'll have to do that from a
Windows system.   I'm not aware of any way in OpenBSD for
format a FAT disk.

--STeve Andre'

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