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jdk-blackdown-1.2pre MIA

Gents et. al.

while attempting to install the jakarta-servletapi-3.2.4 package for
OpenBSD version 3.3 - it failed.

I see that after successfully installing a redHat package, and verifying
that I indeed already had bzip2 installed - pkg_add sought

when it went to use it - the pkg_add failed.

Upon checking to see if it was available as a package... I found it
isn't on the primary ftp site. (lightbulb comes on... I'll check other
sites - but in the mean time...)

was it removed for a reason?  should it be there?  I see many posts to
this list over the past year or so by folks who have installed all their
java stuff via ports (I haven't "gone there" yet).

	Thanks for any Help,

		The good Captain

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