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Re: mailbox 1777 protection

On Fri, 2003-12-26 at 04:58, Anthony Gabrielson wrote:
> I copied my  mailbox over as well.  I'm getting an error in Pine that I
> don't have 1777  permissions setup properly...

I remember going through this with PINE before.  Of the top of my head,
OpenBSD chmod's /var/mail as 0755.  In order to get qpopper working I
had to mod it 1775.

The point is that if /var/mail is writable by anything other than
uid0/gid0 then it should be "sticky" so only the file owner can delete
their own files.  At least, that's what I think PINE is complaining

Brian Keefer, CISSP
Senior Field Engineer, Professional Services
CipherTrust Inc, www.CipherTrust.com