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Re: UPnP

On Fri, Dec 26, 2003 at 04:00:06PM +0100, B. Culibrk wrote:
> Which gives you a conclusion that upnp is working with openbsd pf.

lets get a few things straight, guys.
pf does not have any UPnP support.

then, if one would want UPnP for reasons that one probably only can 
understand when selling colorfull commercial software, pf would not 
have any business in that.
you would have a upnpd that would insert/update/delete rules to pf 
just like authpf does. that is not really a feature of pf or 
something, that is just a daemon that interfaces with pf.
chances for said imaginary upnpd ever beeing part of the OpenBSD base 
system are somewhere between zero and 0, tho.

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