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Re: Xserver and port 6000 (little critic)

Thus spoke rembrandt (rembrandt_(_at_)_jpberlin_(_dot_)_de):
> Is it nessecary that the XServer lsutens on port 6000?
> I disassembled my Router today and so I dind't notice it earlier but why
> did the XFree86 listen onport 6000 by default?!

A router with X? Why?
The X server automatically chooses its port by adding the display number
to 6000. But as the ports are 16-bits coded, port 65536 equals 0, so
displays 59536 to 65535 generate listening sockets on ports 0 to 5999.
Check the man page for "Xserver" - it'll be in there. TCP/IP connections 
are only needed when the X server needs to be able to allow remote
connections to run programs on the X server. Programs running on the
local machine can use UNIX sockets to do the communication instead. When
your $DISPLAY is set to ":0" you're using UNIX sockets, not TCP/IP.

> Now I've to read the damn docs (I don't use X very othen) to disable it.
> And NO.. filtering with PF isn't the answer, it's just a workaround.
RTFM. startx -- -nolisten tcp

BOFH excuse #96:

Vendor no longer supports the product