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any howtos ?

I have a pcmcia(xircom rbem56g) in my laptop. it is
supported card. i do see xircom ethernet + modem combo
in  dmesg. dc0 and tqphy do appear but irq, port etc
shows up as -1. and the card shows up as unconfigured.

my understanding is that, once it shows up as
configured in dmesg i should then change my
hostname.dc0 gate resolv etc configuration files.
right now i do not have them.

i tried to use config and change the irq, port etc it
still come up as unconfigured. do i need to have all
the network related files in the /etc directory to get
the card show up correctly or do i need to change the
port irq etc in  the config.

i did go through the config documentation etc. but i
find most of the documentation more like a reference ,
if you know what you wanted to do but do not remember
the exact filesnames(hostname.fxp0,.xl0) etc or quick
lookup of commands it's very useful but if you just
bought a pcmcia card and put in your machine. now
what? are there any easy howtos available on the net. 


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