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Re: IRC on OpenBSD (and vice versa)

Quoting Richard P. Koett (lists_(_at_)_telus_(_dot_)_net):
> I'd like to do two things:
> 1) Learn to use IRC

That should be done separately without embarassing yourself
with bad IRC in front of people you want to ask OpenBSD questions.

> 2) Learn more about OpenBSD by hanging out on some informative channels
> Questions:
> * Anyone care to recommend an IRC client for a beginner? I'm inclined to
> try IRCII for simplicity but would appreciate suggestions. If this is a
> religous question then please ignore.

Xchat is GUI, epic is CLI.  I tend to xchat-aqua or epic.

> * Can anyone suggest some servers/channels where a person would be
> welcome to lurk around and hear some interesting discussions about
> OpenBSD?

Unix or openbsd?  General Unix questions are best asked in those types
of areas.

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