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Re: Troubleshooting OpenBSD hangs

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 16:44, Jason Haag wrote:
> AFAI understood the OP, it's not a crash (ddb>) but a hang. I have the
> same symptom here on a i386/3.4-stable (GENERIC) box. Every few days it
> just freezes up.
> I have redirected the console to a serial port, and I see the boot
> process there, can log in, etc.
> But the system freeze does not produce any output. The cursor on the
> directly attached monitor/keyboard still blinks, but there no response
> to keyboard input. Same on the serial console. No replies to ping. No
> connection on port 22.
> Any ideas what component failure would result in such a behavior?
> Thanks,
> -Jason

I have seen this when a motherboard has problems.  It will work for a
while and then just freeze.   Works for a while..freeze.  The console
freezes, network freezes, serial console freezes.  For what it's worth,
we use OpenBSD 3.x on quite a handful of machines and never a


Simon Hollier
Computer Services
Northeast Health District