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Re: USB, HID, and APC UPSes


  as I looked at the page of APCUPSD, I thought that it supports APC UPSes
with USB in OpenBSD, but as I can see from your email, I am wrong?


> While looking through the kernel sources it appears that OpenBSD (i386)
> supports USB Human Interface Devices (HID).
> Does anyone know if OpenBSD's USB HID interface is compatible with any of
> the
> other *BSDs?
> I am looking at modifying the APCUPSD package to support USB UPSes on
> OpenBSD
> and possibly other *BSDs and was curious about how support for USB ended
> up in
> OpenBSD (so I have clues on whether the USB driver will work with Net or
> Free
> also).
> Thank you for your time.
> George Morgan