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Re: Networking trouble on with version 3.3 on sparc

Turns out that the problem went away when I used a different network cards.  I
conclude that the linksys model LNE100TX card is not compatable with openbsd in
the configuration I am using: ver 3.3 on a sun ultrasparc 10.

Strangely, a netgear card (not sure of the model) that I have does work even
though it appears to be using the same driver.  (Well, it shows up on a dc*
interface like the linksys used to, so I assume its the same driver...)


Quoting Mathias Kolehmainen <mathiask_(_at_)_computer_(_dot_)_org>:

> Well, here's the odd problem that I am seeing:
> The box is completely silent unless I am using tcpdump to watch the
> interface. When I have tcpdump on, all of a sudden the box starts
> replying to packets I'm sending it.