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Re: Where is CA.pl?

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 01:08:55AM +0100, Alexander Farber wrote:
> my dad has finally bought himself a laptop and I'm 
> trying to change the sendmail setup at the OpenBSD 
> server in his office, so that he could authenticate 
> himself (from random IP's) against sendmail/STARTTLS 
> using Mozilla Thunderbird and a client certificate.
> I wonder, where is the file CA.pl needed to create 
> the certficates? I only see the
> 	/usr/src/lib/libssl/src/apps/CA.pl.in

CA.pl is not installed by default. It is just a perl script which you
could move to /usr/local, BUT...

CA.pl (and CA.sh) are just wrappers around openssl's `ca' command. See
the CA section of openssl(1) for info on how to use it. I suspect you do
not even need CA.pl.

If you are trying to set up sendmail/STARTTLS there is a man page
(starttls(8)) which documents the process (without using CA.pl).

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