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Re: 8 GB Limit

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> Now those open boot prom machines (SGI, Sparc, Apple, etc)
> and other real unix boxes shouldn't have a problem.
> "BIOS"  - why do people still use that crap?

	Because it's cheap and functional enough?  My question is - how do
you tell bootconf to boot off the /altroot/bsd kernel?  I have
/altroot/bsd, and "boot wd0d:/bsd -a" in /etc/boot.conf and it is not very
helpful to have to tell /altroot/bsd to use wd0a as root everytime the box
reboots.  "boot wd0d:/bsd" without the "-a" failes to load /dev/console.
Do I need a whole /dev and /lib and so on in /altroot?

	So - what's the basic requirement to boot off a kernel on another
partition, but have the root point to the real root partition,

/dev/wd0a /
/dev/wd0d /altroot


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