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Re: Still Can't Print

On Monday 15 December 2003 10:39 pm, dla wrote:
> >>Duane said
> >>I am able to print a simple text file by doing
> >>       cat <file name> > /dev/lpt0
> >>
> >>Chuck wrote
> >>*is* it on lpt0 in the first place?
> i assume so
> >>If the basics don't work, then all the fluff you put in front of it
> >>won't help.
> i don't consider it fluff, for instance try printing out from abiword,xpdf
> or gv using a non postscriptprinter with no ghostsript.
> ...

I think you are missing what Chuck meant: if you can't use simple
tools to send raw ascii to the printer, then other more complex
things won't work either.

Start with simple things and build from there.  Minimally, I will just
send a control-L to the printer to see if I can make it form-feed.  If
I can't do that, then I know I have the lowest-level problem possible,
and work on that.

--STeve Andre'

ps: Don't assume that the printer port is lpt0.  Check it.