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Re: virus/spam filtering relay

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 13:01, robert schwartz wrote:
> http://www.benzedrine.cx/relaydb.html
> Is one such recipe.
> There are lots however, you have to start at the beginning: What SMTP
> server do you want to use?  Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, etc?
> Answer that question then your googling will be better.
> For a relay box, I'd probably select Qmail and use the SMTPROUTES file
> and DNS MX records to move all the mail from the Internet to the relay
> then on to the final host (since it requires almost no knowledge of
> Qmail to set this up and Qmail has good performance as a relay only).
> The best way IMO to do this with Qmail would be qmail-scanner,
> spamassassin, and clam AV.  I have many boxes I've built for people to
> do exactly what you're asking with this same "recipe".  There's
> mountains of information on how-to configure all these products together
> (start with Qmail and qmail-scanner and all the rest will fall into
> place), one caveat: I can't seem to make the clamav daemon work on
> OpenBSD, so I use the clamscan option in qmail-scanner instead the the
> clamdscan option.
> For sendmail you probably need the libmilter support and patches for
> clam, as well as procmail to hook sendmail into spamassassin.  
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> > Hi, I tried to find a tutorial/instructions on how I can 
> > setup a server that will virus scan email and detect spam 
> > then relay the mail to my actual mail server but I couldn't 
> > find any examples/tutorials on google. Has anybody done such 
> > a thing or can they point me in the right direction? Thanks
> > 
> > Teren

We use a commercial product, Barracuda Networks Spam/Virus Firewall that allows us
to accept SMTP from specified domains and forward to specified domains and ports.

Qmail is our MTA and yes qmail-scanner with clamav is very nice. So is rbldns and rblsmtpd
for stopping SPAM.

Combined with OBSD, now there is the cat's meow.