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Re: No nonsense NIC

Quoting Bo Jacobsen (subs_(_at_)_systemhouse_(_dot_)_dk):
> After reading about the problems with the realtec chipsets, I just like to know
> the following: Any suggestions on god quality no-nonsense 10/100 PCI nics that have been
> widely supported in the past, 

Several.  Intel (fxp), 3com, dc (once dec?) have worked for me
for YEARS without issue.

> and where new stable drivers for new cards are made avaliable
> soon after release.

Do I really require the newest/latest greatest?  Not in production.
I'll take rev 2, thanks.

Would it be neat to support 10gigE or adapters with coprocessors?
Sure.  It would be great if the companies involved could figure out
how to do current support of the OS for their cards - either by
offering driver specs or, if they are really worried that their
drivers gave away information of too much value to them, via LKMs
or something - but that means THEY must do the maint and keep it up.

RealTek aims for low end - cheap enough to fit in situations where
pennies matter.  And it shows.  (see also Sun le circa 1992-6).

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