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Re: Is there an iptables SNAT equivalent in pf ?

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 22:56:19 +0100 Bo Jacobsen <subs_(_at_)_systemhouse_(_dot_)_dk> wrote:

> I'm new to BSD and is looking at OpenBSD as an option for our firewalls.
> On our present Linux boxes we use multiple nics (one external nic with multiple
> ip-addresses, and some internal ones) and I use the SNAT option in iptables a lot (every
> lan on each of the internal nics uses it's "own" ip on the external nic, when communication to
> the world.

> I understand that an equivalent to the SNAT (in iptables) is not avaliable in if, forcing all traffic through
> an external nic use the same source ip. Is this correct ?.


others will no doubt flame you mercilessly for not having found this
in the very useful OpenBSD FAQ:


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