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Re: driver request

Quoting kash hash (max_as2003_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com):
> I am using an AOPEN MP56 internal modem card (FCC: IPLMP56, ISA card).
> Below is the dmesg appearing on my screen. It seems that Openbsd 2.7 does
> not recognize it. Does anybody have idea to make it work?

Ah, 2.7.  It brings back memories.  Boom times were upon us, year 2000
was looming.  OpenBSD had no remote holes!  And OpenSSH was fresh,
as I recall.  IPFilter was part of several BSDs and worked on lots of
other OSs; nobody had pissed on anyone elses legs back then.  Best of all,
new computers were hitting over 400MHz!

But now we have 3.4.  2.7 is a little old.  Some moss growing on it there.
Some holes found.  3.4 has lots of new drivers.  Not sure where the "3"
came from - it could be called 2.E for all I'd care.

Come on over.  The waters nice, the drivers modern and someone will
give a bit of a rat's ass about helping with support.  3.2 and previous
are officially "unsupported" (for all that 'supported' means anyhow).

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